Top tips: Personalisation – the bedrock of any omnichannel retail strategy

A personalised shopping experience, whether online or offline, is a surefire way to gain favour with shoppers. In bricks-and-mortar stores, shoppers enjoy the 1:1 attention and knowledge a sales assistant can provide, but how can this be replicated online? Meyar Sheik, CEO and Co-Founder of Certona, advises retailers on becoming experts in omnichannel personalisation, in … [Read more…]

“Open the pod bay doors, Siri”: The evolution of the intelligent assistant

Things didn’t run smoothly when the astronauts in 2001: A Space Odyssey toyed with artificial intelligence. When asking to be let back inside the spaceship, supercomputer HAL eerily responded, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Thankfully, the personal assistants we use today are a little friendlier. Here, Roxanne Abercrombie of  business automation … [Read more…]

Guest comment: The retail returns epidemic

The issue of sizing is a huge challenge for the global fashion industry, due to a lack of a universal sizing system, which leads to a large number of returns. Isabelle Ohnemus, founder and CEO of EyeFitU, discusses technological and collaborative solutions which the fashion industry should consider to best manage this issue.