Right to Reply: Tax breaks for UK biz needed to foster creativity and growth

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has this week announced a ‘brick-by-brick’ dismantling of the barriers holding back British growth, promising a so-called ‘patent box’, a new 10p rate of Corporation Tax to be levied on profits from new products developed and generated in Britain. GlaxoSmithKline followed the news by announcing a subsequent £500m investment in … [Read more…]

Europe’s largest digital billboard gets hooked up to web ads

Flanking Hammersmith’s busy A4 flyover are Europe’s largest pair of digital advertising platforms. While these double sided LED screens, costing £1 million, make for a striking landmark in West London, they are also breaking new ground in digital connectivity, as adverts are beamed live to the signs over an enterprise quality 3G mobile network provided … [Read more…]