1. Bobby

    There is absolutely no doubt that Google have manipulated the search results through a series of algorithmic changes (Panda’s Penguins etc) to focus on its own properties. This has caused a massive upset in so many businesses and has caused many people to lose their jobs and companies to shut down.
    Travel and reviews is good example – now that Google owns Lonely Planet, Frommers and Zagat if you map these properties SERPs over time you can clearly see that they have been aided by their parents.
    Google needs a very careful eye kept on it, it is there to make money and dominate – not to be as useful as it can to business or users.

  2. Google needs pulling into line – rapidly. It’s not just the search results that are being distorted. If you have previously been searching for ANYTHING, don’t be surprised to see that when you land on websites, ads surprisingly relevant to your earlier searches on other websites appear. And with an uncanny level of specific detail to what you may have browsed a website for.
    Big Brother Google is (ab)using its knowledge of your browsing to place (Google revenue contributing) ads on subsequent websites that you visit. To an obscenely detailed level that is patently intrusive on privacy.
    Google Chrome has been reduced from being an excellent browser to being an info-gathering tool for Google to make more cash from all of us who use it.

  3. Adam T

    Very interesting indeed. The mere presence and dominance of Google is an interesting challenge of our Capitalist ideals. It has and will continue to hold an absolute majority in one market, but they are a business, and as long as Gov. let them, then why shouldn’t they be allowed to show their own content? We are trying to treat them as an impartial provider of information and they simply are not. There are other search providers that anyone is free to use.
    I find it interesting that people bemoan Google for maximising their own business interests, and don’t think to turn to the competition.
    It’s a free market after all people! You don’t like their biased listings? Vote with your mouse and use a different search engine.
    When was the last time you even tried Bing?

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