1. Kevin Borgers

    I’m an expat and have lived in Germany for ten years. I was an avid Telegraph reader for many years before and kind of enjoy ‘going through the pages’ online since. I say ‘kind of, because the standard of journalism and accuracy has gone steadily downhill for quite a while now.
    Message to DT: I will NEVER in a million years pay to visit the site. Why should I when there is a multitude of alternatives? Sure, I’d probably prefer the DT but I’m certainly not paying for it. Especially when your standards do not warrant charges. Oh and by the way. Deleting the cookies put my use back fro 20 articles to zero again – minor irritation but no more. When you finally figure out how to mend that, I’ll just connect via a UK tunnel.

  2. Bob Landy

    They can bog off with their charges until they drop all the advertisments that drastically slow down their site.

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