1. Duncan Pringle

    While I appreciate a big subscriber database is a very valuable asset it appears to me that Discountvouchers.co.uk is just an aggregator of discounts being offered across the web.Which moneysaving expert does quite succesfully to over 8 million people I believe. I always thought the power of Groupon was their sales force who are out pounding the streets getting the deals in addition to their database. I think there is some way to go before Groupon are threatened.

  2. Agreed Duncan that Groupon have the sales force, but numeros US companies now offer to find the deals for large publishers based on a pure rev share. These comapnies are all coming to Europe in 2012. Hence publisher reach becomes important, and I expect more and more publishers to get into the daily deals space over the next 12 months.
    Ps MoneySavingExpert has 6 million members

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