1. We need to be very cautious about clamping down on Blackberry messenger just because it has been used in a criminal fashion. The fact that the police can’t crack it, that it is secure, is not a problem. Blackberry messenger is not responsible for these crimes, any more than the telephone service is responsible when criminals use it to plan crimes. We should welcome secure communications when texting is so insecure and voice messages so easy to hack (eg: News of the World).
    The fact a communication channel may be used for criminal activity calls for a clear mechanism for police to request access when they can show a need, just as we do with the post and email. It would reduce the civil liberties of all of us were Blackberry messenger to be disabled, or for the police to acquire general, non-specific, access rights.

  2. todd mills

    The hacking groups are definitely way out of control for a long time. We have to take measures to control this group. They are bad people and can effect so many things in a bad way. quick couplers

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