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  1. Karen

    Zuckerberg hasn’t brought up children, which is probably why he can’t really understand why many parents abhor the idea of under-13s using it. The potential for kids being exposed to all sorts of material that is inappropriate for their age (or material that their parents may consider encourages them to want to behave inappropriately for their age) is vast if they are ‘friends’ with older teens who they know. In addition, collecting friends on Facebook will be no different to many younger children from collecting game cards etc, when the sheer number is the goal – you can guess why parents are wary of this. Finally, surely kids should be spending time face to face with each other, developing their actual social skills and understanding what is and isn’t acceptable before going online where they aren’t as immediately accountable for the reactions they provoke. Playground bullying is bad enough among young kids, but at least it’s more likely to be spotted by someone and dealt with than anything that goes on online.

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