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  1. All interesting stuff about consumer experience and expectation but the figures on internet access via a mobile device are very suspect. Probably due to the skew that comes from basing these things on an internet survey thus only talking to internet savvy people.
    Figures fro The British Population Survey, which is the largest up to date survey of the whole population available show that:
    •16% of the population access the internet via a mobile device
    •36% of the population have a web mobile phone (eg iPhone, Blackberry, Android)
    •54% of the population shop on line
    •25% of on line shoppers use mobile device to access the internet
    •50% of on line shoppers have a web mobile phone
    •43% of on line shoppers who have a web phone use it to access the internet
    So, basically, if only 25% of on line shoppers even use their mobile device to access the internet then that is the absolute maximum number that can be shopping via their mobile.

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