1. A tad rosy I fear. This kind of vision assumes that base data, maps, positions, facts and figures are always correct and that technologies are benign and that owners are neutral, unpolitical and have no notion of misinformation. Human beings know pretty soon that the sat nav has steered you into a supermarket, not your mother in laws drive. Am I empowered to correct this? In whose commercial interest is it to correct these “outlier” data errors?
    Equally the idea that future choice will be based on known preferences runs counter the creative urge,the contrarian forces and the evolutionary forces that drive biology and human organisation. This future vision looks perfect for a dictator and a supine population. Thank God some will rebel just to be different.

  2. Sara Miles

    Never lonely – thanks to Google?
    Is it just me or is that enough to make anyone at least slightly paranoid?!

  3. Franco

    The problem I have with this isn’t the brilliance of Google and its engineers. It’s that I don’t reckon most people have the foggiest idea about the data thatthey’re building up, or how to protect the data trails that Google draws together. In the digital industry we just about get it – out there on the high street Joe Smith could be openning himself up to the most almighty identity theft risk. Just not sure google’s the right place for all this.

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