Guest comment: Keeping it real – the rise of Real Time Bidding and Demand Side Platforms

Over the past twelve months, an ever larger piece of the UK’s advertising spend has moved to digital publishers. At the same time, increasinly sophisticated planning, trading and buying methods have emerged. Jay Stevens, Vice President and General Manager, International at the Rubicon Project, explains why the arrival of demand-side platforms (DSPs) is an important … [Read more…]

Top 6 email tips: Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo email revamps- how to stay in the inbox

Hot-off-the-heels of the recent changes announced to Hotmail and Google, Yahoo have announced their decision to introduce a priority inbox. This is good news for marketers as priority inboxes have the potential to improve the reputation of direct mail by encouraging marketers to use permission and preferences more effectively. Simon Robinson, Marketing and Alliances Director, … [Read more…]