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    General office of the State Council allots an announcement, transmit Ministry of Education, development is reformed appoint, total bureau of the Ministry of finance, sports ” work about strengthening school sports further a certain number of opinions ” . The opinion puts forward, 3 years the action plans sports of executive school of our country general. Each district should combine this region economy society to develop a condition, look for accurate school gymnastic to stress domain of problem, key and weak point, for the unit with the county the work out strengthens school sports 3 years action plan.
    The opinion points out, come for years, each district is perfected ceaselessly and implement each policy measure, begin sunshine athletic sports extensively, thrust entered school sports to reform progress. But look on the whole, school sports still is the weak point in teaching the job. Mix currently henceforth a period, each district should attach most importance to a dot to strengthen school sports in the round with middle and primary school, advance school sports to reform progress deep, strive ” 925 ” period end, school sports field establishment is overall reach national level, preliminary match neat games master, form school sports basically to last the safeguard mechanism of healthy progress, the school sports that builds scientific standard basically evaluates a mechanism, form the school sports that harmonious, society participates in governmental dominant, branch basically to advance a mechanism.
    Opinion requirement, each district should carry out good sports course and extracurricular sports activity. Should cogent make sure middle and primary school is unripe everyday activity of sports of a hour of campus, forbidden crowded take gym and time of activity of student campus sports. Want to adjust measures to local conditions is made and implement the executive plan of sports and healthy course, in local course and school the science in this course schedules sports class hour. Want exert oneself to develop specialty of interest of sports hobby of the student, campaign and skill, let every student learn at least two physical training projects that are benefited personally eventually, good physical training is used to nurturance and healthy lifestyle. Want to accelerate pedagogic structural adjustment, much channel provides good middle and primary school and vocational school gym teacher. Build perfect games master to develop a system, encourage retire fine athlete pursues school sports job according to concerned regulation. To 2015 each district wants to undertake one round grooming to middle and primary school and vocational school games master. Safeguard games master is judged in the post hire, welfare pay, judge actor to commend wait for respect and other subject teacher to wait to encounter together. To games master constituent student begins health of constitution of extracurricular sports activity and constituent student the test, want to bring into education workload.
    The opinion puts forward, each district should increase school sports facilities to build strength, in basic level construction of school sports facilities makes overall plans in construction of communal sports facilities, drive facilities of countrywide school sports and equipment to reach [url=http://www.asgolftour.com/rss.aspx]cheap nike shox nz for men[/url] national level stage by stage. Urge student of communal sports place and athletic facilities Xiang Qing’s teenager energetically free or privilege is open, establishment of school sports place is born in after school and holiday Ying Xiangxue open.
    According to the opinion, each school undertakes to all students constitutional health checks every year, report concerned case to student parent. Each district wants a level of student constitution health to regard a student as the main index that integrated quality evaluates, join the student health of ability of sports activity circumstance, athletic sports and constitution daily the state regard principal opinion as content, with strengthening school sports working performance is evaluated and administration asks duty. Want funds of sports of cogent safeguard school, reasonable make sure school of middle and primary school is used at gymnastic defray in public funds, rise along with public funds standard and step up. Various education superintend and director guides the orgnaization wants to begin school sports to work about the branch jointly regularly special superintend and director guides, guide superintend and director evaluate a result seasonable to the society fair show. The area that healthy to student constitution level falls 3 years continuously and school, in education the job is evaluated and judge actor first in execute ” one ticket is overruled ” .

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    Sport netDispatchBeijing time on March 31, cling to Sa and Asenna two teams advocate the press conference before Diaola and Wen Ge attended handsome melon to surpass, the game that 2 people butt joint comes down expressed to expect.
    Asenna advocate the welcome that Henry of the header before handsome Wen Ge expressed to be opposite returns to, forecast tomorrow evening the match can be intense to studying warfare.
    Henry returns London we are very glad, I think he can enjoy due applause. But once after the chirp sound blow of the match, we are the enemy, won’t stay any feelings, we can go all lengths the team that defeats he and him. Lukewarm case say.
    Speak of the match tonight, wen Ge believes regular meeting is very wonderful: We ever encountered in the final 2006, regrettablly we are immersed in a trouble prematurely at that time (red shop sign of Lehmann brings about Asenna 10 people accept a challenge) . Nowadays time [url=http://www.alpacatrack.com/index1.aspx]Womens Nike Shox[/url] passes and the situation has changed, two teams have very great progress, to us, it is a vengeance the main chance tomorrow evening. My hope player people the match rhythm that does not enter them, want to play the style that gives oneself. Want boys to be able to be developed only outstanding, we can defeat an any team on the world.
    Barcelona advocate Diaola expresses handsome melon guest field goal is very main, both sides has an opportunity.
    We can organize aggression in order, also should have defended at the same time each ball, they like to control a ball, with us. Asenna is having a batch of energetic players, their pass a ball a lot of, can be imagined tonight will be a very interesting game.
    Speak of Fabuleijiasi, melon commander in chief conceals the appreciation to him none: Fabuleijiasi is very capable player, stabilize in the condition on field not only, the field in serving as, goal capability is very strong also. However Asenna also proved to do not have small way they also can get victory, for instance they advocate 5 pursue than Er of 0 conquer wave.
    However Diaola did not affirm melon a hair position of henry: Henry has experience very much to this kind of main competition. He is the best player that Asenna has had, he is the one part on club history.

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