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  1. While this article raises some interesting points, I do feel that it is slightly behind the times in terms of what the future holds for recommendation engines. Many of the subjects touched upon are already happening and could be part of the marketing strategy for a lot more companies if they were to consider recommendation as part of a wider personalisation strategy.
    Personalisation as a whole is what will drive online customer engagement and retention as it helps brands to recognise the customer as an individual and learn what will entice them to engage with the brand. Recommendation engines are a part of this, but only a part they are not a complete personalization solution for web / mobile sites, and they are becoming smarter and more personal to the user all the time.
    A lot of the benefit brands will see from recommendations will also be down to the way the recommendation is presented. Where it is placed, how they are presented, size, layout, number of recommendations, pricing, etc is as important as what is being recommended. This is why businesses need to deploy any personalisation methodology with a base line of testing, to ensure they know exactly what works for their customers and what is going to provide them with the highest engagement levels.
    Social data is also a valuable and powerful source for brands. While marketers have struggled to understand and get return on social media for years, by ingesting users’ social information – such as Facebook profile data – and combining this with other sources of data, brands can now offer their customers even more relevant and personalised content and experiences.
    Nick Nottle
    Head of Client Services

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