1. Well of course the measurements are going to show a different result. The winners in a local based scenario are going to be in the main major brands will massive local presence such as Starbucks. It’s an important reason that companies need to see social media as part of an overall mix of promotional activity with an ever-present focus on the bottom line.

  2. Well of course the winners in this locally based scenario are going to be major brands with multiple local outlets such as Walmart and Starbucks. Disneyland has a major brand value but cannot compete in this sort of metric. No surprise there. This is why it is so important to focus on marketing in general and to use social media objectively. There should always be a focus, above all, on the bottom line. Disneyland’s costs and profits are always going to be measured differently as they do not have Starbucks’ overheads but also do not have their opportunities for profits in every location – different businesses entirely!

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