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  1. Looks like you’ve been duped by the Nominet hype machine (you’re not alone, most of the mainstream press has fallen for it as well since out of 51 recent articles, only 2 mentioned the key issue even in passing).
    The elephant in the room of this proposal is the fact that registrants won’t be given priority to get the matching .uk domains. This despite the fact that Nominet has been promoting as the best address for businesses since 1996, and continue to do so right now in parallel with their .uk consultation.
    Nominet stand to rake in at least £50,000,000 from the initial .uk launch, or more than twice their 2011 revenue from domain registrations. This is going to come straight out of the pockets of UK businesses, and will be seen by many as another example of a “stealth tax”.
    In their proposal, they’ve ignored the experience of every other country (12 countries in all have undergone a similar third level to second level domain transition in the past) by pretending that “.uk” is somehow completely new and different, divorced from the existing namespace.
    I have published a 26-page position paper filled with stats and data that shows exactly how Nominet is damaging business interests by its current proposal. It can be downloaded from and I would urge all owners to do so before it’s too late to do anything about it!

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