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  1. Aaron

    well to start with, i think your company sucks. now i will explain why, so everyone can know the real truth.
    I placed a ad worth over 4000 USD with DSNR Media group. we had a skype meeting, where they assured me that the charge per lead was 2$ and even if it was more, i will be charged just 2$
    I agreed and sent them the money, later i was not getting any results from them, so i checked the lead, to my surprise, all the leads they brought never registered and those who did has same IP address.
    later that i week i got a bill saying that my balance was exhausted and they charged 5$ per lead. i was so shocked, called them up and they started giving BullShit explanations
    i also know a frd in game business who had same experience with them. so i suggest you all stay away from these advertizers. if u want can contact me via email and i will give you the details

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