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  1. The reason people hate Google so much is they have a near monopoly combined with appalling customer service which frustrates while conveying a sense of corporate arrogance. If they responded to customer concerns, if they were friendly, if they bothered to spend a fraction of their massive profits on decent customer service, if they communicated their rationale, if they could admit it when they are wrong, we wouldn’t hate them so much.
    I remember in the late 1990’s Google used to have a “concerns & complaints” stand at internet shows. People would queue around the block to finally get the chance to talk to someone, a clear indication something was seriously wrong with Google’s customer relations. Did Google use this a reason to improve? No – they stopped having the stand, solving their hassle while making life worse for their customers.
    If there was a viable alternative to Google, we’d drop them in a flash, but we all know there isn’t. In the 1970’s and 1980’s IBM dominated IT the way Google does now, and people hated them like they hate Google now. With the arrival of viable alternatives, IBM almost went bankrupt.
    In my view Google’s poor customer relations is short-sighted. It is inevitable a viable competitor will one day arise, no company gets to dominate its market for all eternity. When that day comes, Google will regret the way it acts today.

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