1. From what I understand, to set up a new TLD you must submit a very lengthly proposal together with a fee of $185,000.
    This process will surely prevent most of not all cyber-squatters from registering domains in bad faith.

  2. Surely the danger is not cyber-squatting, but major brands messing it about – .coke, .nike, .apple – etc etc?
    The reality is the whole TLD system is a complete waste of energy, and has been so for 20 years. It was created in the 1980’s for the days when there was no standard for DNS resolution and the internet was only used by universities and researchers. There’s no technical need for them at all. If the DNS records existing, the url http://this-is-my-website would work fine. We keep it only because the commercial organisations which have taken over domain name admin want to keep the profits rolling in.

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