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  1. Hi Justin
    I’d like to clarify a few points please. Firstly, we are not ‘stooping’ to anything – we have never asked O2 people to submit reviews on the app store. Some of our more enthusiastic people reviewed the app based on their own personal use and it’s regrettable they didn’t state they worked for O2 when submitting their review.
    Secondly, we disagree that staff are unable to be impartial. In fact, our people can often be our harshest critics which is why we value their feedback so much and involve them in trialling our products. All feedback, both good and bad, is passed on to the teams involved in creating the app. This is why we give our staff guidelines on how to talk about O2 products as opposed to gagging them.
    Finally, we’re really proud of our O2 Priority Moments app, the huge number of downloads it’s achieved and the amount of discussion it’s generated. We’ll be continuing to focus on Priority Moments throughout the year so watch out for more offers coming soon…

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