1. Great article, as people become more mobile these devices are very popular in Australia. Not only for travellers, but for people who move houses quite a bit and don’t want to keep changing ADSL connections.

  2. Diane Hawley

    I have just returned from my trip to the USA where I rented a TEP modem for nearly 3 weeks. The modem worked fine, but I had ordered a prepaid return label for convenience sake. The label was not included in the package and I sent repeated emails and even chatted online with their online support staff three times. None of my mails were answered and I was never sent the return label. I needed to make arrangements to return the modem on my own to the USA address (given to me by the online representative).
    I have yet to hear whether or not the modem was received by the company nor have I received any information about a refund concerning my prepaid purchase.
    I do not know how TEP intends to stay in business if it cannot manage to respond to its customers.
    April 1, 2013

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