1. what a shame then that most organic reviews on websites are likely to be negative as that’s when people complain. The positive reviews (usually very unusually complimentary), contain very marketing-y terms such as ‘Service’ and ‘experience’, written by an anonymous profile with 1 post. i.e. written by the company or their PR firm.
    Do i trust travel website reviews any more? not on your nelly!

  2. But what if the reviews are guaranteed to be from real customers, and what if EVERY customer has been asked for their opinion, and what if the reviews are on an independent website that guarantees not to edit them?
    That’s us (Feefo)! And – yes – we do believe that reviews matter!

  3. Fleur, I couldn’t agree more. We used to struggle finding a way to publish honest feedback that people believed, until we stumbled across Feefo.
    Our ski school has been using Feefo for over 2 years. As an independent agent, they collect and display our client feedback. We have no control over what clients write.
    Feel free to look at our website http://www.skinewgen.com to see how the link to independent feedback shows what real clients think about us. It’s all there, the good and less good. We have found it incredibly useful for our business and I’d recommend to anyone.

  4. Interesting article. @Fleur Yes it is difficult to determine what is a “fabricated” review and which ones are genuine. Where at the end of the day, it is inevitable that firms and marketers will use these methods. Here’s an article you may find interesting that we wrote on reviews and Tripadvisor http://bit.ly/snS4JG

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