1. Adie Flute

    Totally agree with your article Paloma.
    I’ve made comments on LinkedIn about how the episode and results had a lack of business sense – as you say just because the girls had the highest initial download (I suspect partly due to Wired but partly due to an easy to understand description for all – regardless of culture, language etc) there is absolutely no guarantee that this will result in greater profits in the important retention of interest and upgrade business end of the task.
    It’s quite possible that an app with just 10 free downloads could actually receive a higher income than an app with 10,000 free downloads if the content/app is of worth and moves the user to part with cash to upgrade etc.

  2. I was astounded as I watched this with my husband – how on earth could they turn an app around in 24hrs and gain global coverage? Watching the teams going through this process in only 24hrs was amusing – somethings which take months of planning and execution were suggested, and the face-pulling of the mobile guys helping them out – Grapple – was amusing to watch.
    Our own mobile team delivered some more insight on the process and programme that you may wantto look at if you found Paloma’s views interesting.
    In all of this though – how many people have been appraoched to make an app now as it “only takes a day”!! Woudl be interestingto know.

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