1. Most Google users are fed up with its diet of US-only or US-first up sites, even when it knows you’re not in America. Secondly, finding an individual hotel site, even if you key in the exact name of the hotel, merely brings up a long list of Google’s room advertisers (Trip Advisor et al), not the hotel’s own site.
    Just like the obsolescence of Yahoo, Google should watch out. Anyone producing an exact matching search engine could see them lose most of their traffic..

  2. Martin Drew

    If you type in the exact name of a hotel I want that hotel, but if I type in the name of a town and the word hotels I don’t want a long list of hotels in that town so I have to go from site to site, I want a directory with information about each hotel. If Google is now penalising that sort of directory then I will not be happy at all.

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