AI copywriting: what it means for business and for copywriters

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Artificial intelligence has come a long way and made its way to copywriting. But how effective is AI in content marketing? Stefanie Siclot at Growth Rocket outlines the pros and cons of AI copywriting in business marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced to a point that it’s become a part of our everyday life. As technology continues to improve, AI has cemented itself as a key influencer in several aspects of the digital world. In fact, it has contributed to the discovery of complex mathematical theorems, smoother communication, and more efficient data collection.

Startups to giant tech companies have scrambled to innovate and incorporate AI into their key business processes. And why not? It makes everything easier.

The field of copywriting is no exception. But does AI have what it takes to produce top-notch content and even surpass human intelligence?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is defined as the process of crafting content for sales promotion. The goal: to persuade or inspire a specific group of people to take profitable action.

In the world of digital advertising, copywriting is used to increase brand awareness. This type of content is usually seen on product page descriptions, about us pages, and social media captions. A well-crafted caption has the power to entice a visitor to take action like add a product to their cart or subscribe to a newsletter.

Why Choose AI Copywriting?

Given how important good content is in pushing customers to make a sale, why should businesses use AI in digital advertising? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages:

1. AI speeds up the copywriting process

In terms of speed, AI surely has the upperhand over a regular copywriter. Since a regular copywriter can take some time to conduct research about a topic, AI can finish more than what humans can do in a specific amount of time.

This aspect comes handy whenever you’re working with a handful of projects within a limited timeframe. After all, humans can get overwhelmed and face issues such as burnout while doing the work. However, this will never be a problem when it comes to AI because it makes the copywriting process a lot easier.

2. AI can ideate content ideas faster

AI can also help you in brainstorming and producing new ideas that you could explore in content marketing that could further boost your business.
Since AIs are programmed to gather complex data in the blink of an eye, you can count on it to quickly generate ideas for you. It’s reassuring to know that you won’t have to worry about brainstorming and ideating topics in a timely fashion.

3. AI is less prone to error

Another interesting feature of AI tools is that it can keep you from committing errors and experiencing writer’s block. It’s designed to eliminate tedious editing processes since it’s programmed to immediately correct syntax, spelling, or grammatical errors that might not be clear at first glance.

4. AI is an affordable option

Copywriting services can be somewhat steep because you’re paying for quality over quantity. Since hiring AI copywriters are relatively affordable, they have become a feasible option for business owners. After all, the job is done quickly so it’s a win-win situation.
What are the Setbacks to AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting can make life and work easier, but it comes at the cost of creation and creativity. Here’s what we mean:

1. AI can only replicate existing content

AI copywriting may be a smart option, but the technology is still developed by humans. It can only base its content on information that already exists. It cannot create truly original content because it relies on rehashing existing content. As a result, AI writers fall behind when it comes to producing new, high-value content.

2. AI copywriting is difficult to automate

Tasks that require the use of creative and critical thinking skills such as copywriting are difficult for AI writers. Content creation is difficult to quantify, making it difficult to automate. After all, writing isn’t a repetitive process: the requirements for each writing task could vary depending on a client’s needs. Since AI relies on existing information, it will fall short of providing clients with fresh and relevant content.

3. AI writers lack empathy

Copywriters can easily create an emotional hook for their content and engage readers. This type of empathy is what makes most types of content relatable. Since AI is a program incapable of human emotion, it can never come close to producing content that can appeal to the emotions.

4. AI tools does not improve with experience

Unlike humans, AI copywriting tools cannot improve through experience. Though they can process complex ideas, they still don’t have the capacity to quickly adapt or properly react to drastic changes in the environment. It would take an app upgrade and additional cost to improve its features, but even then, it wouldn’t come close to the level of quality that a real life copywriter could produce.

Make the Most of Digital Advertising

It’s undeniable that AI has a significant impact on business efficiency, and no industry is exempted from it. But since it lacks human oversight, it could never fully replace the work people do. With that said, the best solution is for humans and machines to work together for the best results.

Stefanie Siclot,
Outreach Supervisor
Growth Rocket