‘Shoppertainment’ is the next frontier of ecommerce in Europe

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A majority (70%) of surveyed consumers expressed interest in “Shoppertainment” and almost half of those surveyed have increased their consumption of shoppertainment content as a result of COVID-19.

New Study from AliExpress Shows the Rising Interest of Livestreaming Commerce in the UK and Europe Amid COVID and Shares Insights on Tailoring Shoppertainment Strategies for Different Customers

Originating from China, livestreaming commerce is now one of the most popular consumer-facing digital innovations. Following the sensational success of livestreaming technology across China and Asia as well as its proven growth in Europe in the post-COVID era, AliExpress commissioned Forrester Consulting, a leading market research company, to examine the potential of the shoppertainment trend in the UK and Europe and provide guidance for retailers and sellers to leverage this emerging form of e-commerce.

“Shoppertainment” is a concept that blurs the lines between e-commerce, entertainment and everyday lifestyle, engaging consumers in a highly immersive and interactive experience, such as livestreaming events, pictures, videos, and interactive games, to ultimately drive transactions.

Titled “Shoppertainment Is Landing in Europe: European Consumers Are Embracing New Formats of Online Shopping Such as Livestreaming Commerce”, the study surveyed 14,460 online adults in France, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom to understand European consumers’ online shopping behaviours and perceptions around shoppertainment activities.

The findings of the study suggest that consumers are open to experiment with new ways of online shopping since the outbreak of COVID-19. Two thirds of surveyed consumers have been buying more online. With regards to shoppertainment specifically, 70% of surveyed consumers expressed interest in this new form of online shopping. The enthusiasm has continued throughout the pandemic. Almost half of the surveyed consumers have increased their consumption of shoppertainment content as a result of COVID-19.

“As the pioneer of shoppertainment, AliExpress is dedicated to help develop the ecosystem and create more job opportunities in Europe where this form of e-commerce is starting to emerge and show prevalence following the pandemic,” said Vita Chang, Head of Content Operations Ecosystem at AliExpress. “While the trend is still nascent in Europe at the moment in comparison to Asia, this study indicates the potential of shoppertainment in Europe. Customers are open to embrace new trends and technologies that can enhance their shopping experiences. This is a real commercial opportunity for sellers and retailers who knows how to leverage this trend strategically.”

Data-backed insights to help businesses navigate shoppertainment strategically

The study yielded important findings for retailers and sellers interested in exploring shoppertainment. The leading product categories that draw consumers’ attention to shoppertainment channels are electronics, fashion, and cosmetics. Customers are most engaged when sellers conduct livestreaming events, featuring content that is short, trustworthy, relatable, informative – and presented by a host they like. In addition, the study breaks down European consumers into six personae by analyzing their online entertainment and shopping behaviours, helping e-commerce sellers better understand these segments and engage them with the right shoppertainment content each segment needs. The six personae are ‘heavy online shoppers’, ‘short video watchers’, ‘social champions’, ‘online dimmers’, ‘online always’, and ‘binge watchers.’ Among these six types, the “online always” segment, which refers to people who are heavily engaged in all kinds of online activities, has the most potential to become shoppertainment advocates. Representing 19% of surveyed consumers, they are most likely to make unplanned purchases when the product is presented by influencers they like. They are also the most willing to spend more time on livestreaming commerce, with an average of 23 minutes.

“When exploring the European opportunity, it is important to look into distinctions of each country to cater the right messages for different consumers in different countries,” said Chang. Key findings suggest that consumers in UK need trustworthy and entertaining content that is mobile-friendly, while French consumers prefer content that is succinct and endorsed by influencers. Shoppers in Spain look for the best deal and practical information when they turn to shoppertainment, and consumers in Poland value interactions with hosts and other customers the most.

“With the emerging trend of Shoppertainment in European e-commerce, businesses will be able to stay ahead of the game if the content presented to consumers is relevant, trustworthy, and entertaining,” Xiaofeng Wang, Senior Analyst at Forrester, shared her insight at the AliExpress event, “Findings of this study are valuable for retailers and sellers in Europe to better understand the evolving needs of customers and design livestreaming commerce strategies that drive business growth accordingly.”

AliExpress doubles down on shoppertainment in Europe

With Alibaba Group as the global innovator in shoppertainment with the experience of the Taobao platform as a foundation, AliExpress witnessed the momentum from the rapid uptake of this trend in China. Seeing the significant benefits of shoppertainment for both sellers and shoppers alike, AliExpress is committed to innovation in European e-commerce by doubling down its shoppertainment effort in Europe.

In France, AliExpress officially kicked off the Livestreaming Program in May 2020 and has since launched more than 3,000 live shows and worked with more than 100 local livestreamers. Local brands such as Qlive, Cibox have already embraced the trend. Additionally, AliExpress is recruiting retail store salespeople in France to train them into becoming livestreamers, which will create more job opportunities and support the local economy post COVID-19. In Spain, AliExpress has established partnerships with 8 agencies and worked with 180 local influencers, bringing more exposure to sellers and brands while creating an innovative and entertaining way to shop.

Globally, AliExpress has so far provided more than 44,000 live shows in thirteen different languages since July 2019, when it launched the new version of its in-app live streaming feature, drawing an audience of nearly 92 million from all over the world, with more than 84 million interactions (comments and likes).

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