Pinterest predicts 2021 lifestyle trends: People ‘bet on themselves’ in uncertain future

In 2020, Pinners turned to Pinterest for guidance and inspiration on navigating their lives during the global pandemic, they came with open minds and left filled with ideas to try at home. From this historic year will come new behaviours picked up along the way, that we predict, will have lasting power for years to come.

Every year, Pinterest’s insight team analyses emerging searches to predict the top trends that marketers should watch for the year to come. In last year’s report, we predicted 100 trends for 2020 – and 80% of them came true.

These insights are a strategic way for brands to tap into the top themes and ideas that Pinterest users are starting to look for, that are not-yet-trending and that will become the next-big-thing tomorrow.

Brands around the world are using Pinterest insights to shape their content and their campaigns to reach Pinners at the optimal moment.

  • John Lewis
    • In the UK, John Lewis created a dedicated Christmas campaign using Carousel Pins of festive decor that were based on the increase of searches on Pinterest for “baubles” and “festive table settings”. Thanks to these insights, the retailer was able to ensure the relevance and timeliness of its campaign by inspiring consumers at the right moment ahead of the holiday season.
  • Asda
    • In the UK, Asda created a dedicated Christmas campaign using Video Pins and Carousel Pins of festive recipes that were based on the increase of searches on Pinterest for “grazing boards” and “cocktails”. Thanks to these insights, the food retailer was able to ensure the relevance and timeliness of its campaign by inspiring consumers at the right moment ahead of the holiday season.

You can find the full list of 2021 trends available on with filters to search for trends by industry and by demographic, and below we have  identified 5 shifts in consumer-behaviour with actionable insights that marketers should consider for 2021.

Food & Beverage: Top chef at home (popular with the GenX audience)

People relied much more on home cooking this year and they often had to choose efficiency over creativity. In 2021, the amateurs cooks will rise and be more confident to explore their new found passion.

  • Gourmet food plating +105%: Pinterest users will be getting fancy in the kitchen and will be trying to recreate restaurant experiences at home. This at-home-foodie trend is an opportunity for brands from different industries to reach Pinners with food-related products and services. In fact, tech and internet brands can promote their tablets or services for easy-to-access recipes, home retail or tech appliance brands can upload their product inventory of gadgets and pro-utensils on Pinterest, and food and beverage brands can inspire Pinners with Michelin-worthy recipes by creating Recipe Pins.

Fashion: Althflow (popular with the GenZ audience)

How to master the stay-at-home fashion was in the mind of many Pinterest users over the past months, and  people turned to flowy pants, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits to replace athletic clothes as the new go-to loungewear.

  • Oversized outfit 3x: Retail and apparel brands can help Pinners master this new style using Collection Pins to showcase comfy outfits ideas and let people easily purchase the different products in the selection. Home decor brands can give an althlow vibe to their next photoshoot to make furniture and home accessories look even more comfortable. Laundry detergent or appliance brands can show Pinners how to keep soft fabrics soft.

Beauty: Minimalist beauty (popular with the Gen Z audience)

People are giving up the complicated full make-up look to focus on a more simple and sustainable skin beauty routine.

  • Natural everyday makeup +180%: Pinterest users’ are looking to streamline their beauty regimens and discover clean products with natural ingredients. Beauty brands have the opportunity to guide them through this process by offering useful tips and by putting forward their ingredients list. They can create Video Pins with easy step-by-step instructions on how to use their products for a more interactive shopping experience.

Home Decor: More door (popular with the Millennials audience)

The rise of work from home led people to reinvent their home space and in 2021, they will find new ways to create more personal space such as turning a closet into an office.

  • cloffice ideas 2x: Retail brands can offer product solutions to enhance hybrid rooms in the house, like home office furniture or trending paint colors. In order to help people imagine easily their new space, retailers can use Carousel Pins that will allow them to showcase multiple images, such as before and after photos. Financial services brands can help Pinners keep their insurance up-to-date to help cover new home additions. Tech/telco brands can promote products that power their home office, home gym, gaming rooms, or home connectivity (or WiFi).

Travel: Getaway car (popular with the Boomers category)

In 2021, cars will become more than just a way to go from point A to Z. People will consider their car as the “third space” for activities such as date night or family movies and even create their own man cave.

Car date night +2x: Auto brands can spotlight next-level options like massage seats, surround sound or vista roofs. Household brands can share everyday items to keep handy in the car like wet wipes or hand sanitizer. Food or beverage brands can promote on-the-go drinks and snacks. Wellness brands can share instant zen options, like car diffusers. And auto insurance can emphasize the importance of insuring that fancy new car cave with car insurance while financial services brands can share budgeting tips to help Pinners save to acquire a new vehicle.

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