Trash talk: Smart waste bin updates your shopping list

‘GeniCan’- a new smartbin that scans the barcode of waste packaging and tells you what to shop for next, is currently in development and seeking crowdfunding money.

The product can be synced with a mobile app keeping a database with all the disposed items to create a grocery list to alert the user to items they might have run out of.
The product works as a sensor that fits into the bin, As you put things in the bin, it scans their barcodes and automatically adds the items to a shopping list that’s on the accompanying app.

If the binned product doesn’t have a barcode, the device ask the user what the item is. The user can then say out loud the name of the item and it wil be added to their shopping list.
GeniCan also matches coupons to products, and can even delivers items to the doorstep by partnering with companies.

The grocery list is sorted aisle-by-aisle, and it also notifies you when the garbage is full.
GeniCan needs to be connected to a WiFi network and comes with a speaker which it uses to ‘talk’ to you and there’s also a microphone so that you could introduce in the app products which don’t have a bar code.

The batteries that it comes with are said to last 7 days between charges. However, there will be a plugged in version.

Genican is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. In 22 days it has raised just over $5,000 of a $50,000 target. It still has 17 days to go.

People who order early can get it for $119 (about £75), with the regular price coming in at $149 (about £94).


GeniCan Product Launch- Indiegogo V2 from GeniCan on Vimeo.