Video viral of the week: ‘Most boring ad ever made’ gets exciting viewing figures

Forget dancing babies, star-studded ensembles and big budget action- this 45 minute video of a Leica Camera being polished has created quite a stir on the internet for being the most tedious ad ever created. See why it’s our video viral of the week below…

The Most Boring Ad Ever Made? from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

The goal for most ads is to hook viewers in and hold their attention for the entire 30 seconds of an ad, something that’s become increasingly more challenging. The latest from Leica, however, goes hard in the other direction, ensuring that pretty much nobody at all will watch the entire ad- but most will intriuged enough to give it a go.
Leica Camera spends 45 minutes polishing the new Leica T by hand. Watch for yourself and decide. Boring or not?
The ad shows the white-gloved hand of an engineer as they pick up the aluminium frame of a Leica T camera and carefully give it a polish.
This action repeats for 4,700 strokes and almost three quarters of an hour- at attempt to get people to appreciate obsessive craftsmanship that goes behind the construction of the camera.
For a few minutes at the beginning and the end there’s a voiceover. It asks: “Is this the most boring film ever made?”
He goes on for a couple minutes describing how this care makes the camera really good at being a camera, and then invites us to skip to the end for the conclusion.