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  1. web dude

    Just out of interest, how many of the 2000 online shoppers had (a) 4G, (b) 3G, (c) neither ?
    4G is only available in a selection of cities and towns at present (around 40 at present, I think, with 60 planned “by June” and then covering around 55% of the population). That surely means that any survey which is supposedly comparing 4G with 3G should only have been carried out in places where there is a choice, and even then, when service has been available for a month or more, to get a worthwhile sample.
    If I lived in an area with poor 3G and expectation of 4G in a year’s time, there’d be little value in my answering a survey. It would be almost as true for someone in an area where 4G was live, but only for the past 7 days, and where a new contract might cost over 45 pounds for just 3 GB of data on 4G (!)
    I think EE reduced charges recently but feel sure the 4G facility is only in the higher end phones, so how many will ignore 4G completely? (I think that being able to get ‘unlimited’ data on Three at a reasonable price is probably going to dent the take-up of 4G, but of course, I could be wrong!).

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