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  1. Adidas is a worldwide brand pushing awareness through experiences and social, this will sell product and ultimately serves its purpose, to engage customers in the brand itself. People are loyal to the brand and proud to be seen wearing the latest kicks/ t shirt etc.
    Primark is a very different proposition; its offering is ‘immediate’ and ‘up to the minute’ looks (copies in many cases of what you see on the catwalks) that are available right now. Pop into Primark on any day and you’ll see any number of customers looking for an outfit; the look will be a representation of another (luxury?) brand, but the experience itself is based on the immediate and accessible nature of those low cost goods; i.e. ‘build it and they will come’…
    There are also other issues to discuss; the cost of an experienced team to run your e-commerce site would be high compared to in store staff. Then recruitment costs. Location of warehousing/ offices for this venture. The sheer amount of products that Primark sell. The volume of returns, volume of low cost returns (are always a factor) and the consequent Social Media and SEO that may need investment as a result.
    So for the time being, for those who live within an accessible distance of a branch of Primark, the experience will continue to be the excitement of filling a basket to the brim with garments inspired by the catwalk shows of Paris and Milan.

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