1. Oh the irony, that the first 2 comments here are blog spam.
    Secondly, there’s nothing much new in all this, it’s all rather common sense. I’d add that in the US there is a greater amount of pop-up advertising than in the UK. A pop-under actually when relevant is far more accepted, but it gets lumped in the ‘pop’ format in surveys like this.
    Interesting too that advertiser’s who highly target what would be their No 1 buyers might just be preaching to the converted and actually wasting nmoney on those who were going to buy anyway. Actually they need to place less relevant (in the mind of the individual) ads in front of a newer less targeted audience to educate and entice and grow SOV and sales.
    So above these aren’t really the most annoying ads, more their content than the delivery mechanism is annoying.
    Personally I don’t like the repetition of bad advertisin, but I always want to view new advertising and have a greater knowledge of what’s out there.

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