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  2. WJ – you may not realize it but the terminology of victimhood distinctions are offensive to some of us here, who may have relatives just like hedy epstein and her family. Whether you know it or not, in israel for example, people who managed to escape by the skin of their teeth just before being rounded up, or those who managed to survive in hiding – often at great peril – are sometimes also referred to as holocaust ‘survivors’ (or so refer to themselves), because the term “holocaust” is also used to describe a catastrophic event that occured over a period of time. I have heard many refer to themselves as “holocaust survivors” when they spent the period hidden, say in germany or austria (as many were). Others are considered survivors when their experience was in the slave labor camps, or even some who were whisked to relative safety by, eg, raul wallenberg. israel is right now busily blackmailing germany for more compensation for labor camp “survivors’ and/or descendents, which it then plans to pocket of course, just as it did the rest of the compensation.It is not for you to judge what survivor caste hedy may or may not belong to. She has escaped with her life, as many of her family members did not. You don’t know the peril or the compromises or the price paid along the way by her or others who helped. And I find the attitude of counting angels on a pin reprehensible.If you don’t like the term ‘survivor’, what term would you recommend? holocaust refugee? escapee? and do you expect reporters – who always look for the simplistic – to make those fine distinctions?For me, it was enough that Hedy seemed like a courageous elderly lady who spent a horrific childhood and young adulthood, and drew from that experience a moral fortitude to allow her to act as she does. Subjecting her to humiliation, as israelis – and certain friends in diaspora – do is unconscionable either way. Let’s see you do what she does at her age. I somehow doubt that many would be able to. Don’t forget that she could be spending her time taking the sun and a life of leisure in Miami as many older jewish people do. But she chose another way to spend her golden years. You should respect that.As for Wiesel, frankly he has been treated with kids gloves, survivor or not. And that is the sum total of my issue with him and the jewish community that exploits his story for hasbara purposes and as justification for rampant islamophobia and for persecuting palestinians around the clock. You know, some day, it’s the palestinians who may be called “survivors” of whatever name will take hold to describe the evil that’s been perpetrated upon them. looking for cheap onlinecar insurance with instant quote online insurance rates nj car in Chicago auto insurance company high risk

  3. It is interesting Robert that you joke saying ” joke around with him that if advertising falls apart due to the economic troubles that I’ll have to start charging my viewers for my videos, so the idea interests me.”Actually if you have the guts and if you really want to find out how valuable your content is do a test of an interview and have it so that people have to pay 1$ to view the content. I wonder just how much money you would make?Since I don’t know your audience size, because you don’t really share your stats with us, I would bet dinner that you wouldn’t be able to get one percent of your average daily viewership to pay a buck to see your content. And don’t use for your test an interview with Steve Jobs or Gates… it woudl skew the results.I think in today’s Internet world, people are so use to “free” and don’t want to pay for information.Oh, and I will tell you that a service you talked about a while back, SmugMug, is a great photo sharing service.After testing other photo sites, I really like SmugMug’s approach, site and corporate attitude. ONLINE CAR INS order cialis using a mastercard nj insurance auto

  4. The first time Hedy Epstein came into my awareness was on this web site, when she was part of an anti Elie Wiesel demonstration in St. Louis. The title of the post was (Dec. 12) : “One Holocaust survivor is going to Gaza and another isn’t”. The inference of the post was clear: Hedy Epstein is the same type of Holocaust survivor as Elie Wiesel is. The only difference between the two is that Hedy Epstein is sensitive to the suffering of the Palestinians, whereas Elie Wiesel is not. Of course it later turned out that Hedy Epstein is not the same sort of survivor that Elie Wiesel is. Wiesel is an alumnus of Auschwitz and Hedy Epstein escaped Europe without being incarcerated. Certainly in the context of the Elie Wiesel versus Hedy Epstein morality contest, it certainly seemed that the term Holocaust survivor was implying that Hedy Epstein was a survivor of incarceration in a camp. Unlike sammy who learned about the Holocaust from books, I learned about the Holocaust in my community, where there were many survivors. The term survivors was most commonly used to refer to those who had been in camp. I feel as someone who is familiar with the term from my community rather than from books that my contribution to the discussion of the definition of “survivor” is relevant. I have known many people who escaped Europe by the skin of their teeth and do not refer to themselves as survivors. Hedy Epstein has every right to call herself a survivor if she so wishes. That does not change the fact that there are assumptions that a reader of the term will make that do not apply to her. The issue of what money went to Israel as a result of the Shoah is not something that I have studied sufficiently to comment upon. I do feel competent to comment upon the use of the term survivor in the post Shoah Jewish community. low interest credit card balance transfer business insurance

  5. The Daily Kos is a very closed down sietthey have claimed I am anti-semitic for this post. They will also not allow me to comment further unless I check this box2009-12-29 13:41:12Anti-semitic commentary like that in your MSNBC diary is unacceptable at Daily Kos. This will be your only warning.I understand the above warning (posting is no longer allowed until this is acknowledged). but then they take off this comment by cyclobabe but leave the anti’semitc comment or inference by Meteor Blades. The Joos control the media, … (11+ / 0-) (this was written by Meteor Blade)Recommended by:Treg, sofia, blueoregon, zemblan, JeffW, unspeakable, Its the Supreme Court Stupid, ArtSchmart, charliehall, volleyboy1, QES…in case you’re unaware of it, Chess, is unacceptable discourse at Daily Kos. You can critique Rachel Maddow. You can critique Israeli policy in Gaza. But this anti-semitic approach to doing so is out-of-bounds. This will be your only warning.Don’t tell me what you believe. Tell me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.by Meteor Blades on Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 10:46:27 AM PST“but when on earth can we discuss the media coverage of just about anything? it seems to me that any critique of rachel maddow (and I have many for lots oif reason) leads to a downhill diary. I saw the vitriol heaped on jane hamsher here on DK and was appalled. To me it’s all part of a pattern, first you can’t say one thing (like, heaven forbid – a lobby for a foreign country that’s seems somewhat powerful, to make an understatement), then we can barely mention corporate controlled media or corporate controlled presidency and then we can hardly discuss any foreign affair from all sides (like the war-like escalation in afganistan) and finally, we cannot mention jane hamsher without a diary falling apart.To me, all censorship reeks of unintended consequences and collateral damage. Personally, I am known to be a trans-zionist (that’s my definition for my special condition) and no sooner I refer to palestinian human rights and call out the abuse heaped on the palestinians for what it – as well as the abject silence with which it is greeted by the msms – that a posse of self-appointed censors comes out in force. The same seems to be true for the Obamabots who are quick to take offense at mention of even the most glaring failures on the part of this administration, as if the word itself “failure” should bve expounged from the dictionary (except of course for the easy stuff- bashing insignificantpeople on the right).Apart from this diary (that admittedly mixed up way too many things into a bit of an unholy goulash), I see major problems with the censorship policy on DK. I understand the reasons for community policing, but it can quickly turn from caution into dictates. And may already have, in some regards.”by cylonbabe on Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 11:50:25 AM PST[ Parent ]

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