1. Sentiment… it would have been better if these figures were put against sales or stock price over the period, without which otherwise they are pretty meaningless.

  2. Hi Jon,
    We absolutely agree that linking customer experience metrics to sales data and ultimately share price is absolutely critical in terms of determining the value of delivering against customer needs; so thank you for your comment. The basis of our analysis is predicated on our metrics being predictive of commercially valuable behaviors, but both sales & share price data is typically reflective of a past behavior/ perception rather than predictive. Supporting on mitigating & predicting outcomes are the reasons we have chosen to focus on highlighting the data we have in the hope that organizations can implement crisis management processes & protocols. We do agree however, that unless these processes ultimately lead to ROI they are meaningless, so we’ll take the feedback on board and as we publish more data like this, we will make a point of highlighting the ROI metrics wherever possible. Thanks!

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