Sound ‘crucial to reaching full ROI on Super Bowl ads’

Last weekend’s Super Bowl game provided some of the most lucrative ad spots of the year. However, 28% of an ad’s visual potential could be lost without sound, according to a new study.

EyeTrackShop conducted a visual performance study measuring the effect of sound on a Super Bowl ad’s effectiveness and ROI.
”With an average segment of the Super Bowl audience watching the game in large noisy groups, communicating your visual message without sound is critical. Advertisers need to understand that if you can’t communicate your message without sound, you’re losing money. And with a 4 million dollar price tag a lot is at stake.” says EyeTrackShop President of the Americas and General Manager, Jeff, Bander.
EyeTrackShop performed the study on an ad that is a finalist in the Doritos® Crash the Super Bowl 2013 contest.
The ad, “Goat 4 Sale,” was in the lead at time of selection. (The winning ad will be revealed on Super Bowl Sunday). “Goat 4 Sale” was tested with audio and without audio in two different test groups of 165 consumers.
The consumer’s visual attention was broken down into fractions of a second using EyeTrackShop’s patented biometric online based eye tracking platform, to measure what was seen, in what order and for how long. In the test group that did not have sound the product received less attention throughout the TV ad.
Data from the test group with sound also showed a significantly stronger brand recall as well as higher ratings on how funny the ad was perceived, the probability of it resulting in positive word of mouth, and the extent to which consumers craved Doritos.