Wonga expands into online shopping loans

Online loans company Wonga has begun offering “buy now, pay later” services directly on retailers’ websites.

Until now, loans from Wonga, which have been highly criticised due to an annual interest rate of 4,214%, have been available only through its own site.
The company has partnered with furniture firm Cotswold Company to launch its Paylater service.
A spokesman for Wonga said it intended to roll out the service to other retailers soon.
“Essentially, Paylater is providing an alternative to credit cards,” he said.
“It takes the cost of your purchase, you pay an upfront fee of 7%, then there are three payments over subsequent months that cover the outstanding costs.”
It means for an item that costs £100, a buyer will pay an initial fee of £7, followed by three monthly payments of £33.33.