Customers ‘switching to mobiles for online research ‘

Smartphone and tablet device use in customer research has more than doubled since July 2011, according to the latest device detection results from eDigitalResearch.

As a result, eDigitalResearch recently undertook a consumer survey to better understand what mobile respondents expect when taking part in research from their smartphone or tablet devices, to help create an industry best practice guide.
The results found that:
• The majority (82%) of respondents are likely to take part in surveys from their mobile in the future.
• 72% ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ that it is more convenient for them to take a survey on their mobile device.
• Functionality is more important to mobile users than layout and design.
Worryingly, the research also found that several consumers are struggling to complete research that relies on their mobile device supporting plug-ins, such as Flash Player.
To download a copy of the ‘The Future of Mobile in Customer Insight’, click here (registration required).