New social network connects people via birthdays

A new social networking website, WobyCafe, has launched, connecting those who share the same birthday wherever they are in the world.

The launch kicked off with a “leaperthon” party in London on February 29th for those born on that leap year date.
Membership of WobyCafe is free and the website can be viewed by members and non members alike, although members have privileges.
Originally the brainchild of a British musician, trombonist Allan Tidbury, WobyCafe points out that 19 million people globally share the same birthday every day, including 37,000 in London and 87,000 in Tokyo alone.
“Whether you are rich or poor, western or eastern, north or south, WobyCafe gives you the chance to say Happy Birthday to the world, to join in with other revellers and get curious about people from all walks of life,” says Tidbury. “You don’t have to be alone on your birthday or feel you can’t share it some more. gives you the chance to connect with lots of people – from all walks of life around the globe- and celebrate.”