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  1. Dave Whelan

    I think everyone’s being very quick to jump on this as part of a larger trend.
    There’s another Nielsen released a study a few months back saying that TV ownership was in decline for the first time since 1992 (down by 1%), yet in the same research, they noted that a) houses with three or more TV sets had increased and b) the average time spent watching TV is now a “record” 59 hours 28 minutes of TV watching per week.
    The teen age group watched TV for 23 hours 41 minutes per week. That’s 3.38 hours per day.
    Let’s say that a teen is in school for 6 hours a day, goes to bed at 10 and gets up at 7:30, there’s around 8 hours of potential free time, of which TV takes up 42%.
    Hardly a small number when you consider all the other things those pesky teens are doing.

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