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  2. Thank goodness PIPA and SOPA didn’t pass! It would have ceausd more problems, and we have enough to deal with. However, it has made me realize how dependent we are of the internet. We use it for just about everything! Even if it did pass, I’m sure there would be many people finding ways around the extra regulations. That would put more problems on top of problems. http://kflaqpysrqw.com [url=http://tlmprzovuok.com]tlmprzovuok[/url] [link=http://okqvupxvv.com]okqvupxvv[/link]

  3. Chris,This is a great story and you had me up until the last paragraph; however, I felt the need to discuss the the comparison. I see your main point – and agree – but I don’t feel it is a good example for comparison.With a cup of hot chocolate – no matter what cup you use, the hot chocolate never changes and can not be influenced by the cup. However in the instance of life…If the cup is your job, money, and status, then the cup can certainly affect and influence the quality of that hot chocolate.The comparison might be better stated as an attitude – something you have control over. “Your attitude about life is the hot chocolate; your job, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life. The cup you have should not define, nor change your attitude about the quality of life you have.”I feel that it is important for people to make the most of the cards they were dealt, but I also feel that there is nothing wrong with striving to improve your cup for yourself and your family to make that hot chocolate seem sweeter.Just my thoughts. Love your posts!!!!! http://priceforerection.com/

  4. The concept behind prioritization, I feel, seems pretty straight forward. Identify countries where there is unrest in terms of politics and religion. These will be the countries where the internet giants like Google and Facebook may witness more lawsuits being filed against them for bringing "offensive" content down from their website! The irony is, as very well put by you, that the largest democracy is trying hard to make the internet more accessible to its huge user base while at the same time battling people who are trying to put an end to the freedom of speech! Another aspect is "how will these internet players control dynamic/real-time data that is being generated by millions of users"? Will it be possible to regulate or control such data. Following or complying with the local laws in the era where data is generated, shared and distributed so rapidly is a herculean task. Are they going to start punishing people to voice their opinions and thoughts now? I am not denying that compliance of local laws is important, but better strategies and a better vision is desired. http://www.theindustryofcool.com/online-colleges.html http://www.twinklehillfarm.com/cheap-car-insurance.html

  5. While your arguments against Facebook (and its past/present deeds that violate user privacy in some way or the other) are solid, the fact remains that user privacy on the web is a depleting phenomenon because almost every firm out there wants to know everything about us (Google, Path etc etc) because, lets face it, they know they can profit the most from us when they know everything about us. Facebook of course is a league ahead and one might argue that it should be more responsible and ethical. But today it’s Facebook, tomorrow it’ll be someone else.. unfortunately user privacy on the web (or respect for it thereof) is almost dead. So one might as well continue to stick to the largest network in the world. On the brighter side, there are chances you’d meet your long lost childhood friend or cousin. I did, and I am thankful to Facebook (or its reach I should say) for that. There are parts of the world where things like Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram..even smartphones for that matter don’t mean anything. But they know Facebook and it even works on dial-up. I respect your decision of quitting Facebook. You did what you thought was right. But you might as well go ahead and close your Google, LinkedIn, Path et al accounts, because you never know what they’re cooking with your data. http://www.comparecashbackcards.net/ http://www.eben-uk.org/

  6. These issues are the worst laws I have heard that waetnd to pass but thank goodness they didnt pass. Because the government is trying to get too much into our buisness and controling just like in Altas Shurgged. But there is always going to be government waetnd to take control.

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