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    I think Facebook has made a mistake introducing ‘Timeline’. Facebook should be current, it should contain information on what people are doing “now”. It should be a personal news site.
    People don’t want their past being dragged up in front of the masses. Not only does it show comments which some may wish to forget, but it also shows relationship history and statuses that were said ‘of the moment’.
    It can also be misleading. At first glance it looks like an addition to Facebook’s features. But actually it’s a complete new profile and once people add it they can’t delete it.
    I’ll be very surprised if Facebook doesn’t lose many members down to this.

  2. Sorry Mark, but I’d like to think that my life’s story so far amounted to little more than a page, embellishing aside….

  3. Now all persons have using some Facebook as a social media site and me also. I think Facebook is a best personal or official communication and all types of social sharing site and their timeline thing is really amazing. Now Facebook is a more demanding site, so that is the main point of Google was giving some more priority to Facebook.
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