Rise in female digital workers – report

Online business marketplace PeoplePerHour.com has reported a 165 percent rise in women winning work in the digital sector over the past six months.

More than 48 percent of these jobs were secured in design and programming, with a further 10 percent in database development and nine percent each in web graphics and flash programming.
The highest increase in women moving into the digital sector was in the North with a 1000 percent increase in projects won by women in the last six months, and a 2995 percent increase in earnings, compared with a 72 percent increase in the South.
Women working in the digital sector also gained the highest rating for quality of work, with an average score for female digital workers of five out of five.
According to PeoplePerHour.com founder and CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou: “These latest figures provide the evidence that women have broken through the digital jobs glass ceiling and are now competing with men on both numbers of workers and on quality of work.
“The IT sector had predominately been seen as male dominated, but these figures show that women are easily a match for men in the sector,” says Thrasyvoulou. “It also shows that attitudes have changed too. Employers are now more likely to employ a digital worker based on the quality of their work rather than their sex.
“The figures today also show that women who have been hit hardest by the recession are becoming more entrepreneurial and gaining new skills to beat the depressed jobs market,” said Thrasyvoulou.
Source: http://www.peopleperhour.com/