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  1. I agree and disagree with these viewpoints. I’m running a social media training course and requested (via Twitter and other social media platforms) for case studies, from small businesses, where social media is providing them with new business generation – and clearly having a direct impact on their business. I personally have an example whereby tracking keywords in Twitter we were able to identify a need which we passed onto our client and voila – new business was generated. It’s not about the hard sell but about watching and listening. But you can sell as well. Just as in all marketing there needs to be a mix of messaging – some to nurture, some to offer, some to invite, some to engage, some to listen and research. Why are we so intent on thinking that social media platforms behave in any other way from a core marketing perspective. From a performance perspective they offer a wider reach and facilitate word of mouth both good and bad – and the immediacy. How much offline marketing activity is measurable – with online platforms there’s definitely more to measure. And obsessed with the celebrity side of things – isn’t that a bit early 2010!

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