1. Most big time “successful” long term serial killres are very intelligent sociopaths – think of Ted Bundy, Gacy, the Green River Dude and hell even the despised and recently departed Clifford Olson exhibits a superior, if feral, intelligence compared to fall guy Robert Pickton. There is no way an organism of Robert’s limited mental skills could kill so many people over such an extended period of time without any of the others, relatives or associates, around the farm knowing something about what was going on, if not being actively involved, though clever enough to set Robert up as the patsy. Pickton as the “lone” killer in this fairytale is equivalent to the “lone crazed assassin” that is always INVENTED to explain the killling of Presidents and other leaders done by shadowy groups of conspirators who carefully set up a fall guy like Oswald or John Wilkes Booth. Heck, maybe Brutus too was merely a fall guy for a lot of other Roman “statesmen” with an axe to grind with Julius.BTW the “crazed lone assasin” that attempted to shoot Ronnie Raygun just happened to be a mentally unstable scion of another Kennebunkport (home of the Bu$h Outlaw clan) elite family. There was no love lost between the Raygunster and H.W. and it certainly would have hastened the dawn of the Bu$h Dynasty. The Bu$h family has the distinction of being one of the most criminal dynasties in American history from Walker and Nazis, to Dubya’s brother’s ripping off Savings and Loans to the ongoing business and almost family ties between the bin Ladens and other Arab potentates with no regard for anything but greed.

  2. Is it possible that this Pickton Inquiry is notnihg more than a staged event at the taxpayers’ expense.The newsmedia carries reports from the inquiry everyday that it sits which not only takes time away from reporting on the goings on in provincial politics but is usually presented in such a fashion that is designed to dwarf the rest of the news. What better distraction than one that will most likely not implicate any current elected officials.My other thought is that the government would want this inquiry to be as expensive as possible. What better way to argue against a BC Rail inquiry than point out how expensive an inquiry of such magnitude would be considering what was spent on this one?Cam

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