1. Danny Meadows-Klue

    This will be gamechanging.
    When we saw the news come through on our feeds, all of us had a collective smile: yep, they’ve got it just right.
    It may seem hard for people to use Facebook even more, but Groups will unlock a stepchange in the socnet’s level of use. This time next year, my betting is on pretty much every kids’ football team, social club and stag night having its own group.
    Commercially watch for the fans and brand page model migrate into groups, starting with entertainments. Any organisation that needs extranets on the cheap will be eyeing it up, but the low level marketing budgets for entertainments venues (with a high volume of messages and launches to get into market) will race into groups. That will push them to become pioneers in getting Groups right.
    Watch next for waves of chat tools and apps that will fuel all of this. Zuckerberg has unlocked a pressure-valve of demand and 3rd party developers will flood to fill the coming need.

  2. Mike Rogers

    Bad news day for MSN, MySpace and Yahoo. Even Google is getting trumped by Facebook. This will be the death of a thousand small group apps. just don’t let them charge for group craetion – even if it’s a few years down the way they should pledge now that they’ll never do that.

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