Wunderman Thompson launches cookieless marketing tool Resolve

Wunderman Thompson has launched Resolve, a privacy-first personalisation technology that uses AI to help brands better recognise and reach customers.

The product has been launched ahead of the upcoming removal of the ability to track third-party cookies through Google Chrome, meaning brands will cease to have access to much of the data they currently use to target audiences and drive online sales.

From early 2022 Google Chrome will no longer allow the tracking of third-party cookies, meaning brands will lose access to much of the data they currently use to target audiences and drive online sales. Other browsers and mobile devices have made similar moves to block third-party tracking in recent months.

Over $100 billion a year of advertising spend is currently targeted and measured using third-party tracking, according to the Statista Digital Advertising Market Outlook 2020. Forward-thinking brands must act now to safeguard the effectiveness of their digital marketing if they are to continue driving growth.

Resolve enables brands to prepare for a world without third-party cookies and take ownership of their customer data to create direct relationships and more personal and powerful experiences.

Resolve is an AI-powered solution that sits inside a brand’s owned cloud data platforms (e.g., Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services). This ensures that privacy sensitive data never leaves the brand’s control. Resolve works alongside existing marketing technology and analytics, using deep neural AI networks to learn patterns in consented consumer data. And Resolve delivers results quickly; brands will see a 20-45% increase in their ability to re-identify consumers, by deploying Resolve to make better use of the first-party data they are already capturing today.

“People have shifted from being irritated by the advert for shoes that follows them across the web, to being concerned about the data sharing that allows it to happen,” said Alex Steer, Chief Data Officer, EMEA, Wunderman Thompson.

“Resolve does three things – it recognises customers based on their behaviours not just their cookies, it learns more about customers as people, and it finds the brand’s next best customers. It does all these without sharing customers’ data. We think people are right to be concerned about how their data is used, and brands need to show they take a stand on behalf of their customers’ privacy,” said Steer.

Chandra Benjamin Mostov, COO, Marketing Automation & Personalisation, Wunderman Thompson, said, “Marketers are encouraged to stay focused rather than distracted by the third-party adtech panic of the next few months. Instead, Resolve will help brands focus on accelerating the path to first-party relationships with its customers. Ambitious brands will seize the opportunity presented with Resolve, which brings true business value in a way that respects the consumers’ need for privacy.”

Wunderman Thompson believes Resolve is the industry’s first private personalisation technology of its kind.

“Resolve is for businesses who refuse to share their consumer data with agencies and technology companies – inspiring confidence among consumers who care about privacy and security in their lives”, continued Mostov.