AudioMob launches new Demand Side Platform for ‘audio ads for games’

AudioMob launches new Demand Side Platform for ‘audio ads for games’

Google for Startups company AudioMob has launched launch of its own proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) to sell audio ads for video games.

The new DSP empowers brands and advertisers to optimise the impact, reach and experience of audio ads for games. The format is the first of its kind in the video game space, and has delivered proven results for those already taking advantage of AudioMob’s platform.

To date brands including Warner Music, Sony, and The Sugarhill Gang have used AudioMob’s audio ads in combination with the DSP to unlock and connect with new audiences that make up many of the 2.7 billion people globally that today play mobile games.

These campaigns have seen significant results for the brands involved, with quantifiable CTR improvements reaching over 1,000% relative to the numbers seen when using traditional formats such as banners.

The powerful, flexible back-end of the AudioMob DSP allows brand managers and advertisers to place audio ads, prepare campaigns, monitor progress , and optimise when needed. The DSP – engineered specifically for the delivery of audio-ads – equally provides campaign managers with straightforward ways to target using geo-location, age range, and over 400 targeting variables, while ensuring brand-safe placements.

“We’ve always believed in the potential of our non-interruptive audio ad format to meaningfully serve brands and significantly monetise games without intruding on players’ experiences,” said Christian Facey, Co-Founder and CEO at AudioMob. “We’ve already seen our audio ads deliver meaningful, proven results for brands and game companies. Now, with our Demand Side Platform launched, the reach, impact and results audio ads can deliver has been considerably elevated. We’ve built a DSP that respects the conventions advertisers will be familiar with, while making it specialised to the potential and nuance of audio ad placement.”

AudioMob’s audio ad format improves on existing in-game advertising approaches by eradicating interruptions while addressing audiences directly using the trusted audio format . When an AudioMob ad is served, a player can continue to play their game. Previous options such as video ads, meanwhile, obscure the game screen, interrupting play – often to players’ frustration. YouGov research commissioned by AudioMob found that 67% of people prefer audio ads over video ads in the case of games.

The arrival of AudioMob’s format also comes at a time when audio ads broadly are enjoying a renaissance. The industry is predicted to reach over $18 billion thanks to a rapid increase in the popularity of podcasts, an increasing intersection of the gaming and music sectors, and the rise of numerous audio platforms.