VAMP launches digital talent agency for black content creators in the UK

VAMP launches digital talent agency for black content creators in the UK

VAMP Digital Talent Agency has launched, dedicated to the support and development of Black and diverse content creators in the UK.

The agency represents and works with some of the biggest and most talented content creators in the country, many boasting over 500,000 followers across their social platforms.

The launch coincides with the Agency’s 4th birthday. Formerly a social marketing agency, VAMP has announced they will now be known as a leading Digital Talent and Entertainment PR agency specialising in aiding brands in authentically diversifying their content and widening their customer base.

The newly formed Digital Talent Agency will focus on bringing the UK’s biggest and most talented Black content creators to brands across the world who desire access to diverse and young audiences. The agency will provide Influencer Marketing activations for brands alongside Talent Management and representation of Black content creators in the UK.

When speaking with Black Influencers and other Influencers of colour, VAMP found that their main struggle is often around meeting brands and gaining new and fair opportunities, despite having great content and engagement. Therefore, to tackle this issue, VAMP work to be the bridge between brands and influencers, to help them gain the opportunities they are most passionate about and to work with brands their audiences would be interested in and most importantly, the opportunities they deserve.

They currently manage five exclusive influencers, who have a combined social following of over 2 million followers across platforms. They work with their girls to develop ventures outside of their social media platforms and support them in building brands their audience will connect with. These ventures include clothing brands, beauty brands and more. Their current exclusive roster includes: Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer Mariam Musa; Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer Nella Rose; Beauty and Fashion Influencer Yelena; Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer Esther Falana; Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer Lisaah Mapsie.

Officially established in 2017, VAMP were the first agency to solely focus on the representation and development of Black digital talent in the UK, a group who can easily be regarded as pioneers of the industry.

On the launch of their new Digital Talent Agency, Co-Founder and Head of Influencers, Rumbi Mupindu said “We’re excited to be able to now open up the network to new Black creators interested in building their brand, growing their audience and working with their favourite brands. When we began Influencer management, the industry was almost exclusively white and that had a knock-on effect to the type of Influencers working with big brands and working on massive campaigns. For years, the Influencer industry has been completely whitewashed, however, we’re pleased to see a change happening.”

Split into 3 sections, VAMP’s Digital Talent Agency already works with over 20 Black content creators in the UK.

“Whether you’re a VAMP Exclusive Infuencer, or a VAMP Influencer or a part of the VAMP Talent Network, you’re a part of the VAMP family. We’re an agency built on strong relationships, growth and understanding.” says Ruby Aryiku. “Understanding is key here, as black women working in the industry, we understand some of the difficulties Influencers may have faced and may continue to face in their creative journeys. We want to lessen that load and help them focus on their craft.” said Co-Founder and Head of PR, Ruby Aryiku.

“VAMP began because we wanted to show these creators that we see them, even when their industry doesn’t and to let them know that we’ll always be there to give them a platform and access, so being overlooked is a problem they no longer have to worry about.” said Christina Okorocha, Head of Strategy.