The Hairy Bikers launch global ecommerce website with ESG and Visualsoft

The Hairy Bikers launch global ecommerce website with ESG and Visualsoft

The Hairy Bikers have announced the launch of their new ecommerce site as a one-stop shop for all Hairy Bikers kitchenware merchandise, such as pots, pans and cookbooks.

The website has been launched by leading eCommerce agency Visualsoft, which works with over 1,000 businesses to optimise their eCommerce offering, in partnership with Eurosonic Group. Visualsoft will continue to work alongside Eurosonic Group and the Hairy Bikers to provide eCommerce and marketing support in the months ahead, enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates, online sales and revenue.

The Teesside-based eCommerce agency, which works with over 1,000 retail businesses, was chosen due to its experience across the retail and home and furnishing sectors to develop the Hairy Bikers Kitchenware eCommerce website, which will be the source of all official Hairy Bikers Kitchenware merchandise. Experienced chefs and fans alike will be able to purchase a variety of cookbooks, pots and pans, stoneware and other kitchenware.

Eurosonic Group’s partnership with Visualsoft will allow the brand to tap into the eCommerce agency’s 20+ years of industry expertise to allow the business to evolve, expand and trade in areas beyond its current reach. The Hairy Biker’s Kitchenware website will receive Professional Optimum level support, along with multi-channel marketing support including Paid Search, Email Marketing and Social Media, along with hosting and maintenance.

Ecommerce strategists and marketing experts at Visualsoft will work hand-in-hand with Eurosonic Group and The Hairy Bikers Kitchenware eCommerce website to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates, online sales and revenue.

Oliver Homshaw, eCommerce Manager at Eurosonic Group, stated: “Visualsoft’s experience and track record in eCommerce was exactly what we were looking for. Along with this, their intuitive platform and the ability to access their team of experts in all fields of eCommerce made this a no brainer for us.

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Visualsoft for the Hairy Bikers Kitchenware site. Their team really understood our vision for the site & they have been hugely supportive during the launch. We see Visualsoft as a long term partner for us and look forward to working with them for the years to come.”

The website will also be adorned with features to help the brand achieve their growth objectives. Capabilities such as autocomplete and voice search will enhance user experience on the website, and features such as visual merchandising, product upselling and add to wishlist will help the brand increase conversion rates, encourage sales and increase eCommerce revenue.

On the launch of the website, Hairy Biker, Dave Myers, commented: “We are so excited about the launch of our Kitchenware website! It is a culmination of several years of work to create a one stop shop for our kitchenware. The colours on our stoneware we love – and the practicality of our new pans. The quality is great, we use them in our own kitchens and we believe them to be great value for money.

“When we write a book we create recipes that we want to use ourselves, it is the same ethos with our kitchenware range. Now we have a shop window for this, it’s great!”

David Duke, COO at Visualsoft said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Eurosonic Group and The Hairy Bikers Kitchenware for the launch of their new eCommerce website. It is such a critical and exciting time to be investing in digital – we are thrilled to be a part of the brand’s digital evolution and to support them in amplifying their reach and growth into new markets.”