Salesforce launches loyalty management tools

Salesforce launches loyalty management tools

Salesforce has launched Loyalty Management a new product for companies in any industry to deliver agile and integrated customer loyalty programs.

Built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, Loyalty Management allows companies to build intelligent loyalty programs for both B2B and B2C customers with a flexible, configurable and quickly deployable solution that fits their specific needs.

With Loyalty Management, companies can provide more personalised consumer experiences, easily evolve with changing industry trends and help drive business value through increased customer lifetime loyalty.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than a third of U.S. consumers have tried a new brand, and 80 percent of them intend on sticking with it.

While loyalty programs are a significant way to develop long term relationships with customers that drive growth, many companies rely on outdated, fragmented technology that fails to provide integrated experiences and lacks the flexibility to evolve with industry trends, such as the shift from traditional point-based reward programs to exclusive experiences and products.

This results in loyalty programs that offer little value and lower consumer trust, turning programs into cost-centers with inactive members.

Loyalty Management will empower companies in all industries, including retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, to transform their loyalty programs with clicks, not code, so that technology can be quickly implemented and easily customised. Loyalty Management is fully integrated with Salesforce Digital 360, Service Cloud and Tableau, allowing digital leaders to deliver a connected loyalty experience across the entire customer journey.

“Customers join loyalty programs for the promise of a more personalised, relevant experience but too often encounter a generic approach that is broadly applied to every member,” said David Schmaier, CEO, Salesforce Industries. “Loyalty Management allows companies in all industries to evolve their loyalty programs from a transactional to a human-centric approach capable of creating personalised, relationship-building moments with each customer.”

“As successful loyalty programs move beyond simple point and redemption exchanges and focus more on early access, experiences and products, existing loyalty solutions have been slow to adapt,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman, Constellation Research. “Customers are looking for a loyalty management product that represents the next-generation of loyalty and gives companies the freedom to create, evolve and measure a loyalty program that is capable of providing personalised and engaging offerings.”