Smart mirrors top list for most desired bathroom tech

Smart mirrors top list for most desired bathroom tech

LED mirrors, bathroom TVs, whirlpool baths and japanese toilet are the most searched for bathroom tech, according to new research.

As technonogy continues to pervade our daily lives, the bathroom is a space that has seen a lot of technological advancements. Therefore, experts at were keen to explore the most desirable smart bathroom technologies after utilising Google search trend data globally.

In addition, surveyed 3,561 homeowners to pinpoint the features most appealing and what they’d be likely to purchase for their home bathrooms. After the year we’ve had, everyone needs the perfect antidote to combat stress.

Most desirable bathroom tech according to UK searches

Far outranking any other smart bathroom gadgets is an LED Mirror, with average monthly searches for all related keyphrases amounting to 73,400 – it would appear Brits are most intrigued by illuminating their bathroom.

It seems we just can’t escape our love for the big screen, as Bathroom TV ranks in second place with 22,660 searches.

In third place is a Whirlpool Bath with 22,660 related keywords googled on average per month, followed by a Japanese Toilet, respectively googled 18,780 times per month in the UK.

Rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to an increased awareness of maintaining personal hygiene. In turn, this has led to widespread installations of bathroom tech gadgets such as automatic soap dispensers. So much so that in the UK alone, these automatic soap dispensers generate 15,150 searches every month for all related keyphrases.

The rising interest in conserving water has paved the way for Smart Showers to rank in eighth place, receiving a grand total of 4,270 searches for all related keyphrases.

Interested in understanding the relationship between homeowners and the latest smart bathroom technologies, surveyed 3,561 homeowners to reveal the five technologies that are most appealing in 2021:

  1. Self-cleaning toilets – 67%
  2. Sanitising bathroom accessories – 89%
  3. Smart showers – 76%
  4. Water conservation systems – 43%
  5. Smart mirrors – 84%

Stefan Gheorghe, spokesperson at, said: “Smart home technology has come leaps and bounds, offering a whole host of smart devices that not only make our lives that little bit easier, but also conserve water, electricity and the environment.

“It’s clear with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, sanitising technologies have soared, paving the way for automatic dispensers to be encouraged for domestic and commercial use where possible. And although smart home technologies remain slightly more expensive, homeowners are beginning to see the added ROI on such products especially for property resale and the long-term investment on money saved.

“It seems the scepticism that once existed is beginning to diminish with more than 190,000 related searches for smart bathroom technologies in the UK alone, indicating a significant interest.”

How does the UK compare to global searches?

Globally, LED Mirror is the most googled smart bathroom technology with nearly 60,000 related monthly searches.

Unsurprisingly, a Japanese Toilet also known as a Bidet Toilet is the second most prevalent smart bathroom gadget most desirable to homeowners with 49,560 searches made globally per month! Who wouldn’t want a toilet built with smart technologies that not only flush and spray, but also clean and dry at the touch of a remote control.

Similarly to UK searches, an Automatic Soap Dispenser falls next in line with 22,910 searches for all related keyphrases that rank!
Consistently, four of the top five searches analysed in the UK and globally seem to be the most desirable: LED Mirror, Japanese Toilet, Automatic Soap Dispenser and Whirlpool Bath.