P&G pledges to carry out 2,021 ‘acts of good’ next year in new campaign

P&G pledges to carry out 2,021 ‘acts of good’ next year in new campaign

P&G has launched its Lead with Love Campaign, centred on its commitment to 2,021 Acts of Good next year.

These acts of good represent the next chapter of P&G’s Lead with Love consumer campaign, which includes a call to action to make 2021 the year we all come together to do more and do better – for communities, equality and our planet.

P&amp;G is bringing this to life through a new Lead with Love film, “Emotions,” which highlights the eight emotions humans are born with and why love is the most powerful. “Emotions” will be shown online during the pre-show for the Global Citizen Prize on 19<sup>th</sup> December, and available via Global Citizen social channels immediately afterwards.

The Global Citizen Prize will broadcast in the U.K. on Sky One at 7pm GMT on Monday 21st December.

“P&amp;G people believe we have a responsibility to society, and we will continue to step up and step forward to use our reach and resources to be both a force for good and a force for growth,” said David Taylor, P&amp;G Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer. “As the world turns to 2021, P&amp;G is committing to lead through acts of good that will have a lasting, positive impact on people and communities around the world.”

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P&amp;G is mobilizing the power and reach of its trusted brands to deliver on its commitment of 2,021 acts of good. These acts will include new programs that will be announced throughout the year, as well as longstanding programs which will have new impacts in 2021.

For example:
<li><strong>Pampers </strong>will continue its commitment to giving every baby the best start in life. For the tiniest babies who are born extremely premature, Pampers is providing its smallest diapers, specially designed to help enhance what’s vital for their early development like uninterrupted sleep, skin protection and “Kangaroo Care.”</li>
<li>Recognizing periods don’t stop during pandemics, <strong>Always </strong>has already donated more than 40 million period products in response to COVID-19. In 2021, Always will continue its award-winning #EndPeriodPoverty program and its 30+ year global Puberty &amp; Confidence Education program, which reaches more than 18 million children, parents and teachers each year to give young people the knowledge they need to navigate puberty with confidence.</li>
<li><strong>Pantene </strong>will continue to leverage its voice to remove cultural or social biases about hair that prevent people from expressing their true identity, through campaigns such as #HairHasNoGender in Europe. In addition to equality and inclusion, Pantene is also committed to reducing its footprint, including providing water-efficient products and waterless product innovation to help preserve and protect natural resources.</li>
“2020 has brought clarity to what matters and to the role that businesses and brands must play in society,” said Marc Pritchard, P&amp;G Chief Brand Officer. “With advertising that reaches people worldwide, we are choosing to use our voice at P&amp;G and the voices of our brands to spark conversations, open hearts and inspire people everywhere to take action and to lead with love.”

P&amp;G has supported communities and consumers through unexpected challenges for more than 180 years – and stepped up to provide significant support for COVID-19 relief, equality and the environment in 2020.  In the U.K., P&amp;G has donated products worth an estimated £1.2 million in retail value through our partnership with In Kind Direct, helping over 2,000 charities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also donated £10,000 to Mermaids – a charity which helps to protect and support transgender youth – as part of our support for Trans Awareness Week, and broader commitment to recognising and addressing the challenges facing trans people and their families. To continue to drive progress towards sustainability, we have launched 50L Home – a global initiative which addressed the challenges of both water security and climate change.

Under the Lead with Love campaign efforts, P&amp;G will further grow the reach and impact of positive actions in the U.K. This includes continuing our partnership with organisations like In Kind Direct to improve communities, and undertaking positive action as a member of the BITC’s Race at Work Charter in order to continue to drive progress towards racial equality. By focusing on local communities, equality and the environment, shaped by the love and compassion we have for each other, we will continue to build a better world for the future.

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